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Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Scott Jones

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Posted: 5 Jan 2002

Current Version: Novell BorderManager 3.6

Cool Reader Vincent M. raised an issue that's of interest to many NBM users. He is looking for sites where he can test BorderManager Security, in order to get a second opinion on a consultant's recommendation.

There are several options available. A search for [free "internet security test"] on Google produces ninety-six matches. LeakTest at Gibson Research (in the Manager's Resource Library) is probably the most well known.

Novell does not provide a free online service. Such tools can be a useful starting point for a quick general overview of what's going on with your firewall. However, no business should trust their security entirely to a test tool they have no control over.

A network administrator knowledgeable in IP can often do a more thorough job of verifying firewall security themselves with a flexible toolkit like NetLab 1.4 or NetTools 1.2. Both are freeware available via But there's no substitute for a risk analysis (often called an Intrusion Threat Analysis) from a reputable consulting firm.

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