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Posted: 18 Jan 2002

Current Version: BorderManager 3.6

In case you're wondering how BorderManager stacks up in the firewall business, here's some cool info from a recent IDC report.

In its December 2001 bulletin, "Who's the Lord of the Rings? Worldwide Firewall/VPN Software Market Forecast and Analysis, 2001-2005," IDC ranked Novell among the top five companies competing in the firewall/VPN market. Novell captured 4.1% of the market share with Novell BorderManager, earning $30 million in revenue in the 2000 firewall/VPN market space?an increase of 4% over 1999.

Novell BorderManager is one of Novell's premier access and security solutions. With its powerful directory-integrated features, it enables companies to control, accelerate and monitor their users' Internet activities. Because Novell BorderManager leverages identity-based access control and forward proxies, companies can safeguard their network against undesirable Internet content while maintaining exceptional performance levels. Novell BorderManager also integrates VPN services, an industry-certified firewall and a scalable content-filtering service to ensure that companies' networks are protected and their users are productive.

IDC foresees continued growth in the worldwide Firewall/VPN market. In fact, IDC predicts that the firewall/VPN market will grow to $1.7 billion by 2005. In its study, IDC considered the twenty leading providers of Firewall/VPN services. Novell was ranked ahead of such formidable competitors as IBM, Network Associates, Sun Microsystems Inc., and others. Novell is committed to increasing its market share in the firewall/VPN market and will continue to invest in Novell BorderManager. Novell will be releasing a new version of Novell BorderManager in the second quarter of 2002.

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