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Performance of BorderManager 3.6 vs. 3.5

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Posted: 30 Jan 2002

For those of you just now upgrading to BorderManager 3.6, here's a nice little list of changes you should look for.

There are no major performance changes between NBM 3.5 and 3.6. There are small changes, however, that are outlined below.

VPN --
VPN without NAT on 3.6 is about 1-15% faster than on 3.5, depending on the nature of user activity. Using VPN through NAT on 3.6 will result in a small performance hit because of the translation process, but depending on the environment, 3.6 VPN through NAT will perform almost as well as 3.5 does without NAT.

Packet Filtering
-- IPFLT31.NLM was modified to address some memory usage problems. You may notice a slight increase in performance over 3.5.

-- RADIUS was modified to streamline authentication. In our tests we noticed that the number of users authenticated per second on 3.6 increased to about 30. With 3.5, the maximum was about 7 per second.

-- There is no noticeable difference in performance between 3.5 and 3.6 for proxy/cache. All efforts related to proxy/cache were focused on stability.

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