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Crossing Two Proxies

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Posted: 8 Mar 2002

We heard from a reader who wants to use NBM proxy and put it in front of an existing net appliance proxy and an existing firewall. They are trying to control who can access the Internet, and for this they need the user-based policies that are possible in the BorderManager proxy. Their big concern was whether it was possible to put an NBM proxy in front of another proxy.

Here's the scoop. It is definitely possible to position an NBM proxy in front of another one so your workstations will cross two proxies and a firewall before they can reach the Internet. The second proxy will see NBM's IP address, not the workstation IP address.

You can even control the Internet access of users who are not authenticated to eDirectory. If you enable the SSL Login Option, users that don't have CLNTrust will end up being automatically redirected to a web page with a BorderManager sign-on screen. They will need to have a valid set of credentials in the directory.

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