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Disabling Warnings for Users

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Posted: 8 Mar 2002

Last week we posted this Q&A.


OC wrote: I have a basic question: We have a directory with some servers, most of them with eDirectory on NT/2000. But one of them is installed on NetWare 5.1 and BorderManager. Users on that network segment connect to the directory through that NetWare server with BM.

My question is how do I disable the messages sent to users connected to the NetWare server which warn that LOGS or CACHE volumes are almost out of disk space. I thought those messages were only sent to the Admin user.


If there's a dedicated BorderManager box, and it's properly configured, there's no reason for the CACHE volumes to fill up. Also, I would guess that the users are attaching to it to load CLNTRUST - that can be copied to other servers and run from there, so there should be no reason for the users to have a connection to the BorderManager server.

Here's another suggestion:

Adam Bradley

On the server you can do SET VOLUME LOW WARN ALL USERS = OFF and it should stop sending those warnings to normal users.

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