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BorderManager Server behind ADSL Modem

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By Scott Jones

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Posted: 21 Mar 2002

Version: Novell BorderManager 3.6

If you have multiple locations with ADSL modems that support PPPoE, you may be looking to set up site-to-site VPN connections. There are a couple of ways to approach this situation.

The first would be to make the BorderManager server the NAT device. This would require BorderManager to support PPPoE, a project that is underway as we speak. PPPoE support will not ship with NBM 3.7 in April, but will be made available as a download soon after. Then you could either put an xDSL card in the server or reconfigure the existing router as a transparent bridge. The existing VPN service works fine when the VPN server itself is the NAT device.

The second approach would be to hold off for the NBM 3.7 Enhancement Pack later this year. The 3.7 EP will deliver IKE support in the VPN service. This will overcome most or all of the current NAT limitations, as well as our 3rd party compatibility issues. Then site-to-site VPN should work just fine.

For more info on the new features in the Novell BorderManager 3.7, see this new AppNote.

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