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Posted: 9 May 2002

Current version: Novell BorderManager 3.7

Heads up: there have been updates to both of Craig Johnson's excellent books 'A Beginner's Guide to BorderManager 3.x' and 'Novell BorderManager: A Beginner's Guide to Configuring Filter Exceptions'. These books have been updated to include information on BorderManager 3.7. These books are available in PDF only. You can find out more about each of these books by visiting

A Beginner's Guide to BorderManager 3.x

The Second Edition of 'A Beginner's Guide to BorderManager 3.x' replaces the May 2001 First Edition.

This 662 page book is extremely example driven, showing how to set up and configure virtual private networking, IP Gateway, and all of the proxy services and access rules with screenshots of the settings, and explanations of the concepts involved. The second edition includes a sample installation on NetWare 6, and the use of the new iManager interface for configuring filter exceptions.

The book begins with chapters covering basic concepts of TCP/IP routing and packet filtering, along with explanations of how to install, upgrade and patch BorderManager 3.0, 3.5, 3.6 and 3.7, on every support version of NetWare for those products. The initial configuration of the NetWare server itself, as well as BorderManager is covered. A number of typical BorderManager implementation scenarios are shown in diagrams, along with explanations of how those implementations are applied.

After covering basic installation tasks, the book covers the initial implementation of BorderManager options, then covers all of the proxies, IP Gateway and both Site-to-Site and Client-to-Site VPN. Logging data, viewing log data and exporting log data is covered, including an example of using Webtrends to analyze Common Log files.

An extensive chapter on Access Rules is provided, showing implementation of access rules for proxies and Client-to-Site VPN to control both inbound and outbound traffic. Examples show how to set up access rules, including CyberPatrol rules, and time restrictions.

Alternatives to several of the proxies are shown, using filter exceptions and dynamic NAT to provide capability for DNS, e-mail and NNTP without relying on BorderManager proxies.

A troubleshooting section as well as a number of miscellaneous tips are added at the end of the book.

A Beginner's Guide to Configuring Filter Exceptions

The Third Edition of 'Novell BorderManager: A Beginner's Guide to Configuring Filter Exceptions' replaces the January 2002 Second Edition.

This book helps the reader understand and configure packet filter exceptions for BorderManager 2.1, 3.0, 3.5, 3.6 and 3.7, with many examples of working filter exceptions. Basic TCP/IP concepts including routing, addressing and network address translation (NAT) are explained.

The examples contained in this book include:

  • Outbound traffic for AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), Cisco VPN Client, Client-to-Site Novell VPN Client, Citrix, DNS, FTP, GroupWise Remote Client, ICQ, IMAP, Microsoft MSN Messenger, Microsoft Windows Media Player, NNTP, NTP/SNTP, pcANYWHERE, PING, POP3, RDATE, RealAudio, RTSP SMTP, SSL, TELNET, Terminal Server and VNC
  • Inbound traffic to reverse proxy acceleration of internal web servers on secondary IP addresses, eneric TCP proxy for Portal Web Manager and RCONJ, and DHCP for PC's on the public subnet, and for the BorderManager server acting as a DHCP client.
  • Inbound traffic through static NAT configurations for Citrix WinFrame, FTP, GroupWise Remote Client, GroupWise Web Access Spell Check, IMAP, Lotus Notes Client, Microsoft Terminal Server, pcANYWHERE, POP3, SMTP, VNC and Web Servers.
  • Filter exceptions particular to BorderManager 3.7, not necessary in previous versions of BorderManager, such as those necessary for getting VPN to work, are included. Filter management, using both FILTCFG and the new iManager interface is covered thoroughly. Troubleshooting BorderManager 3.7 filtering and iManager issues is also covered.

Most of the discussion and examples focus on the filtering capabilities provided with BorderManager 3.x (such as stateful filtering), but mention is also made of the limitations of BorderManager 2.1 and how to work around them. Filtering explanations and examples are included.

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