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Changing the Slave VPN

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Caterina Luppi

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Posted: 14 Jun 2002

Cat posted this info in the Support Forums and a grateful reader commented:
"The only thing you forgot to add was 'Get a coffee and relax, it does work.' Followed your 7 steps and in about 1 hour was completely done."

Here it is. Go get your coffee now.

It's very simple to change the slave VPN, but you absolutely must proceed in the correct order. Here is what you do:

  1. With VPNCFG at the slave, remove the VPN configuration.
  2. Remove the VPN slave member from the VPN in NWadmn32 in the master side (you will have to "free VPN member" after removing it).
  3. Edit filters.cfg in the slave server and, with an editor that allows you to "replace all" replace your old IP address with the new one. Make sure you don't add spaces or other characters to this file. Before doing this, make a backup copy of the filters.cfg file.
  4. In inetcfg change the binding, default gateway and, if needed, the DNS entries of your server.
  5. Edit the sys:\etc\hosts file, and check if the old public IP address of the server appears there. If it appears, replace it with the new one. If it doesn't appear, don't add it.
  6. Check that in the slave server the connectivity to the internet works fine.
  7. Load VPNCFG at the slave, and re-establish the VPN with the master by exchanging the encryption keys.

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