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Clearing the Cache

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Posted: 19 Jul 2002

How often should you be clearing the cache? We hear occasionally from people with this question. Here's what our experts say:

You shouldn't have to be clearing cache at all. You should have the cache on its own dedicated volume, and simply let the proxy fill the volume, at which point it will automatically start overwriting the oldest data.

Be careful not to have too large a cache. Having a cache that's too large can actually hurt performance, as the server needs to manage all that space unnecessarily. Here's a good way to determine how big your cache really needs to be.

  1. Clear your cache, wait 10 days and see how much space is used. Then clear the cache again.
  2. Repeat this for two or three weeks, so that you get a good idea of roughly how much cache you use in a week.
  3. Then blow away the cache volumes, and recreate at the figure you've calculated.
    Don't forget to create the volumes with no compression, no suballocation, 8 or 16k block size, and remember to remove long name space.

Tip: if you ever need to see when cached data was last referenced in order to decide whether or not to delete it, simply look at the file dates of the cached data.

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