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BorderManager PROXY and CLNTRUST Update

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Posted: 26 Jul 2002

Version: BorderManager 3.7

Heads Up: Don't miss these fresh updates to BorderManager 3.7 PROXY and CLNTRUST. Here's what this file fixes:

1. Problems with BorderManager Single Sign-on (CLNTRUST.EXE)

2. Unable to use BorderManager with Novell Client for Windows XP.

3. Prompted for the BorderManager browser login screen when accessing Internet.

4. Cannot use PALM or WINCE to synchronize internet information through our Proxy.

5. RiverDeep Logal express application fails to render info thru Proxy. Requires the following change to ETC/PROXY/PROXY.CFG:

[Extra Configuration]

6. Socks Server listening on all interfaces.

7. Cannot access issue.
Requires the following change to ETC/PROXY/PROXY.CFG:

[Extra Configuration]

8. Sending multiple FTP USER requests for each 220 FTP Welcome command
9. DNS queries always being sent out the same interface whether DNS on pub/priv net.
10. "452 Requested action not taken: insufficient system storage" in Mail Proxy was causing "blacklisting".
11. Proxy abend when set TransparentProxySupportsVirtualServers=1
12. Changed value of DoNotSaveMemoryCacheDuringUnload back to 0.
13. Abend when hacking RTSP proxy - No NULL pointer check for rtspServerRb in RTSPProcessPlayerMessages.

Note for BorderManager 3.6 users

This PROXY.NLM and CLNTRUST.EXE can be placed on a BorderManager 3.6 server, but both of these files are included in BM36C02.EXE for BorderManager 3.6. BM36C02.EXE is the recommended update for BorderManager 3.6 as additional fixes for 3.6 are included.


To download the patch, see TID 2962714

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