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BorderManager NLM's and Dual Processors

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Scott Jones

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Updated: 23 Aug 2002

Novell BorderManager 3.7 and 3.8

We have always recommended not having more than one physical CPU installed in dedicated-function NBM servers, and the same guideline should apply for NW6 also. Even though part of the NW6 IP stack is itself MP-enabled, that only gets exploited if the packets are being handed off to services that are also MP-enabled. Since nothing on the NBM CD is MP enabled, there is no advantage to having multiple CPUs.

In fact, there are some important disadvantages to having two processors. The presence of a second, unused CPU does two things -- First, it adds administrative overhead (dual processors will always have a switching and sync overhead higher than a single processor). Second, it represents an unnecessary variable that could introduce problems or complicate troubleshooting. A good principle of server design is to minimize variables. If a part won't be used, get it out of there.

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