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Removing BorderManager Filters

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Posted: 23 Aug 2002

Version: NBM 3.x

Want to remove all the BorderManager filters and start from scratch? Here's how to do it:

  1. Backup sys:\etc\filters.cfg (better be safe than sorry...)
  2. Load INETCFG > Protocols > disable IPX and IP filter support. (Don't reinitialize the system when exiting inetcfg.)
  3. Enter the following at the console:

  4. Rename the file sys:\etc\filters.cfg on your BorderManager server.
  5. REINITIALIZE SYSTEM from the server console
  6. Make sure sys:\etc\filters.cfg has not been recreated. (Filters can be held in memory and the file recreated under certain circumstances.)
  7. LOAD BRDCFG at the server console and follow the prompts to set up the default filters and exceptions again.

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