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Viewing PDF Files through HTTP Proxy

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Posted: 12 Sep 2002

Current version: BorderManager 3.7

Having trouble viewing PDF files through HTTP Proxy? Here's how to enable it in Netscape and Internet Explorer.


Because the HTTP proxy does not support HTTP range headers, it is difficult to view PDF files through the Netscape browser. (You have to use the reload button a lot.) This only occurs with version 4.05c of the Acrobat plug-in. Update to Adobe Acrobat version 5.0 to solve it.

To enable viewing of PDF files through the Netscape browser, implement these changes to the ETC/PROXY/PROXY.CFG file:

[Extra Configuration]

Internet Explorer

If Internet Explorer 5.x is unable to open PDF files, change the following in the ETC/PROXY/PROXY.CFG file:

[Extra Configuration]

(Sometimes you need to specify the setting even if you are calling out what should be the default value.)

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