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Posted: 15 Nov 2002

If you're looking for a free way to keep tabs on the traffic on your web server or your BorderManager logs, you should take a look at Analog.

Analog is a program to measure the usage on your web server. It tells you which pages are most popular, which countries people are visiting from, which sites they tried to follow broken links from, and all sorts of other useful information.

It's free, and it's blazing fast. The author states: "I'm uncompressing and processing 28 million logfile lines in 20 minutes on a 266MHz chip: that's 1GB of data every five and a half minutes." It can deal with enormous logfiles, and you can get the output in 30 different languages. The reports are configurable -- you can get 32 different reports out of it for your specialized needs.

It works under Windows (all versions), DOS, Mac, all UNIX and Linux, OS/2, OpenVMS, Acorn RiscOS, BeOS, Mac OS X, NeXTSTEP, and several mainframes.

Worth a look. Check out their site at

If any of you have tried it, let us know what you think.

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