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Migrating Filters for Upgrade

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Posted: 15 Jul 2003

If you are upgrading from BorderManager 3.5 or BorderManager Enterprise Edition 3.6 to Novell BorderManager 3.7, ensure that all filters have been migrated to Novell eDirectory.

To migrate existing BorderManager filters from FILTERS.CFG to eDirectory here's what you do:

  1. After the installation of NBM 3.7 is over, restart the server.
  2. If FILTSRV is already loaded, first unload FILTSRV
  3. Load FILTSRV with the migrate option. That is, run ?FILTSRV MIGRATE? from the system console.
  4. Unload FILTSRV after migration and load it in normal mode (use only the ?FILTSRV? option).

All existing filters will be stored in the eDirectory. Migration will not remove existing filters, instead it would only add filters from FILTERS.CFG.

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