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Block Access to the Web for Specific People

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Posted: 18 Sep 2003

Do you want to make sure that one of your users can't log in to a website, no matter what machine he is on? We do that all the time with BorderManager access control rules. Change the Source radio button to Specified and click the button with the three dots. Then in the Source Specification window, select NDS Objects, and add the NDS object (user, group, OU, etc.) to the list.

We tend to place our internet users into groups and set up access control by group rather than by user. Once in a while we will use OUs to deny access, but we always use groups for the allow rules - remove a user from the group and all access is gone!

Certain groups have more rules assigned than others depending upon their need for access.

It is important to note that you must be using proxy authentication for this to work.

This tip was developed in the School Cool Solutions Forums. If you've got something to add, or want some advice on an issue you're facing in a school setting, get out there and join in the action.

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