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Novell BorderManager 3.7 Post-Support Pack 2 Patch

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Posted: 17 Oct 2003

This Support Pack Patch contains updates for components contained in the Novell BorderManager 3.7 product.

The purpose of this Support Pack is to provide a bundle of fixes that have all been tested together. The fixes provided in earlier versions of Novell BorderManager 3.7 patches and support packs are included in this patch.

In addition to a whole raft of fixes, you'll find some great enhancements, including:

  • MAC SSL authentication
  • MAC IE HTTP tunneling
  • Transparent HTTPS proxy
  • Terminal Server Authentication Automation
  • Configuration Cleanup Enhancement
  • Clntrust has /noicon switch

You'll also find a nice little set of useful (but unsupported) tools:

    Running acldump.nlm on the BM servers dumps acl information (Access Control Rules) to sys:/etc/proxy/acl_rule.txt file.

    Running cfgdump.nlm on the BM server dumps BM configuration to sys:etc\proxy\dump.txt file. You can specify the filename as command line argument if you want cfgdump to copy config info to different file:

    load cfgdump.nlm bm-config.txt. This will create sys:etc\proxy\bm-config.txt
    - Proxy.nlm has to be unloaded before run cfgdump

    Running bm3rmall.nlm will clean up filter configuration along with proxy and vpn configuration from NDS. This will only work with NBM 3.7. For NBM 3.8, ICE will be used. An update section in this tid will follow with detailed info about how to use ICE to clean up NBM 3.8.


Install Novell BorderManager 3.7 Support Pack 2 (BM37SP2.EXE) before applying this patch.

This file (BM37FP3D.EXE) supercedes BM37FP3C.EXE. Only BM37SP2.EXE need be applied in conjunction with this patch.

For Installation Instructions, and to download the file, see TID 2967153

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