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Install Problems with NBM in Small Business Suite 6

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By Caleb Squires

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Posted: 17 Oct 2003

After installing Novell BorderManager 3.7 for Small Business Suite 6, you get licensing errors when trying to load proxy.nlm and you have already installed the license(s) previously during NBM 3.7 Setup from the root of the CD. Also adding the licenses AGAIN in iManager doesn't fix the problem either; you still get licensing errors. I tried installing NBM 3.7 SP2 and the result is the same licensing errors when I try to load proxy.nlm.

SOLUTION: Uninstall Novell BorderManager 3.7, and install Novell BorderManager 3.8 Beta Refresh 1 or 2, preferably Refresh 2. The license file (.nlf) is on the NBM 3.8 Beta Refresh 2 CD. Then reboot the server and load proxy.nlm, then configure NBM 3.8 Beta Refresh 2 through NetWare Administrator.

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