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Outpost Firewall Plug-Ins Vs Novell Client Firewall

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Posted: 17 Oct 2003

Outpost Firewall Plug-ins is not compatible with Novell Client Firewall. This is possibly because the Outpost Plug-Ins installer expects "Outpost" in the registry keys. Since the string is unavailable (as Outpost Firewall is not installed), the installer exits prompting you to install Outpost Firewall.


Do not use the installer for Plug-in. Instead, load the *.ofp files(plug-in format) from NCF menu.

To do this:

  1. From the Novell Client Firewall menu, select Options > Plug-Ins Setup. The Options window is displayed.
  2. Click Add button and load the files.

The Plug-ins available in *.ctl format can be added using the Advertisement Blocking option.

To do this:

  1. From the Left Panel of the Novell Client Firewall menu, right click Advertisement Blocking and select Properties. The Options window is displayed.
  2. Click image in the HTML String tab.


Existing Outpost Firewall Plug-ins can be made to work with Novell Client Firewall, if the plug-in manufacturer does one of the following:

  • Releases a new installer incorporating the code change, which makes it compatible with NCF.
  • OR

  • Makes the *.ofp and the related files available in zip format instead of an installer executable
  • .

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