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Enabling SKIP Mode on NBM 3.8 VPN Server

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By Sreekanth Settipalli

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Posted: 11 Dec 2003

Configuring a fresh NBM 3.8 VPN server through iManager does not enable the backward compatibility (SKIP) mode. This does not allow the users to connect in SKIP mode either from NBM 3.7 client or NBM 3.8 client (in backward compatibilty mode).

SOLUTION: After you have configured in iManager for NBM 3.8 server, and if you still want to use in SKIP mode, you need to generate Encryption information using VPNCFG.NLM. For this,

  1. Run vpncfg.nlm on the server console.
  2. Go to Master/Slave Server configuration and select "Generate encryption information'. This will create all the security keys for the SKIP mode.
  3. Now, try connecting from the VPN client: it should work.

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