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NBM 3.8 VPN Client User Authentication using NMAS methods

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By Sreekanth Settipalli

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Posted: 15 Jan 2004

After installing NBM 3.8 VPN client, if the user wants to authenticate using NMAS mode, VPN client by default does not show any NMAS sequences in the VPN login page. The user does not know what to enter in the Sequence field of the VPN tab in the VPN login screen.

Here is a nice tip to identify the sequences configured for NMAS authentication.

  1. Open the Novell client login page by right clicking on the N icon in the systray.
  2. Click the NDS tab in the Advanced section.
  3. Provide the tree name.
  4. Choose the NMAS tab.
  5. Now, click on the button next to the Sequence field. This will show the sequences configured.

Once you know what sequences are configured, you can use the same for the VPN client authentication.

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