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DirXML Placement Rule

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Posted: 13 Mar 2001

The sole purpose of the placement rule is to generate a dest-dn attribute for an <ADD> command. For the Publisher channel it is required that your app/db/dir shim provides a src-dn attribute as part of the <ADD> event.

You can create path and context setting using <copy-Name> and <copy-Path> in your placement rule which are replaced either by the leaf most component of the src-dn value or the src-dn value as a whole respectively.

 [Blank GIF] <match-class class-name="dgiStructure"/>
 [Blank GIF] <placement>\DGI-LAB\<copy-path/>\<copy-attr attr-name="CN"/></placement>

If you are going to use the "dnou" attribute in your placement rule use the NDS attribute that "dnou" is mapped to by the mapping rule.

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