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DirXML Patch for Exchange driver

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Posted: 28 Sep 2001

This file contains a patch with new features and fixes for the DirXML Driver 1.0 for Exchange 5.5.

New Features

  • Loopback E-mail. When a new User is created in NDS and synchronized to Exchange, an Exchange e-mail address is created and populated back to NDS.
  • Enhanced reporting in Dstrace. You can get more detailed trace information in Dstrace by setting the DirXML driver trace level to 3.
  • Addition of support for all 10 Custom Attributes. In the past the driver would only support the first 3 custom attributes. Now it supports all 10.

Bug Fixes

  • Reconnect. In the past when the connection to the remote Exchange server was lost Subscriber events would also be lost. Now with this fix the driver will retry the event until it is able to reconnect to the server. No events will be lost.
  • Fax Number support. The driver now supports the Telephone-Fax attribute.
  • Mixed case Association. In the past under certain conditions the driver would mix the case of the Association. This would cause the association to break between the NDS user and the Exchange mailbox. To correct this, all associations are now upper case. This requires a change to all associations set by the old driver. A utility is provided that will set all existing associations to upper case.

For Installation Instructions and to download the patch, see TID 2959070

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