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Overcoming Problems with Memory Size

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Posted: 23 Oct 2001

If you're having problems running more than one DirXML driver on your server, try this tip.

  1. Go to the control panel of the windows server and choose system.
  2. Go to the environment tab and then add the following variable to the system variables:
    DHOST_JVM_MAX_HEAP (must be in capital letters.)
    The size is set in bytes. The default value is 16 mb (16777216 bytes).

On Solaris, you need to set these environment variables:


Set these to the desired value in decimal bytes for initial and max java heap sizes respectively.

To set an environment variable, type the following at the shell prompt:

$ <env-variable>=<value>
$ export <env-variable>

For more information on this tip, see TID-10062098

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