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DirXML Driver Initialization Error

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Posted: 23 Oct 2001

If you're getting errors that read like this:

"Unable to bind DirXML Driver <Driver Name>. DirXML Err: -288."

"DirXML Driver Initialization Error!"

Error: java.lang.IllegalAccessError: try to access field
com/novell/nds/dirxml/engine/ConfigAbstraction.subscriber from class

DirXML Driver worker thread unable to bind driver, exiting.

Try this:

  • Check to make sure that JVM 1.2.2 is installed on NetWare.
  • Add the following line to the SYS:\ETC\JAVA.CFG file: DIRXML_JVM_OPTIONS=-Xverify:none
  • Remember that when trying to load ANY DirXML driver, error messages are displayed in the DSTRACE.LOG.

For more information on this tip, see TID-10061963.

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