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SSL Stops Functioning

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Posted: 23 Oct 2001

If you've run into a problem with SSL after installing NetWare 5.10 Support Pack 2a (NW51SP2a) on server with DirXML, this tip may be for you.

Here's the Problem DirXML requires an updated JSAS.NLM that is bundled inside a compressed (.ZIP) file. The install of NW51SP2a does not do version checking on files contained inside .ZIP files. Here's the Solution(s)

There are two ways to solve this problem:

  1. If you have not yet installed NW51SP2a on your server, copy the JSSL11.ZIP file from eDirectory to the NW51SP2a directory SYS\JAVA_INS. Then install NW51SP2a.
  2. If you have installed NW51SP2a on your server with NDS eDirectory 8.5 and with an older JSSL11.ZIP file, copy the NDS eDirectory JSSL11.ZIP file to the server SYS: directory. At the console prompt type following commands:

    Java -killall
    SYS:SYSTEM\\unzip -o JSSL11.ZIP

    Then reboot the server and delete the file JSSL11.ZIP from SYS:\

For more information on this tip, see TID-10060049.

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