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DirXML 1.0 patch for NetWare 6

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Posted: 13 Nov 2001

For details and updates to this document, please see TID 2960580.

Novell has recently released a patch that extends the schema of NetWare 6 installations in order to fully support DirXML. Here are the details:

Associated File
Click filename to download: dx1patch.exe; 6444327 bytes

Installation Instructions
Use the following instructions to implement the DirXML 1.0 patch for NetWare 6.

  1. Ensure NetWare 6 is installed.
  2. Copy the DirXML 1.0 CD image to a location on your computer or network.
  3. Before unzipping the patch to update the DirXML 1.0 CD image, in the \NW\INSTALL\JAR directory, change the file properties of product.jar to Read/Write or rename the product.jar to product.old.
  4. Download and extract the patch to the parent directory of the NetWare directory. For example, if the CD image has the structure of dirxml1.0\nw, you should extract this patch at the dirxml1.0 directory.
  5. Run the DirXML 1.0 installation.

For DirXML installation instructions see

Updates in this Patch:
  • Extends the schema to run with NetWare 6.
  • Installs the ConsoleOne snap-ins for DirXML 1.0 if ConsoleOne is detected on the NetWare 6 server.
  • Updates the JClient if it is a previous version.

For details and updates to this document, please see TID 2960580.

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