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New DirXML Technical Information Documents

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Posted: 13 Nov 2001

Here's a list of new and updated Technical Information Documents (TIDs) that are DirXML related.

  • TID 10064675
    Reference this TID if you're getting an "Unable to start the driver" message in ConsoleOne when trying to start the DirXML driver to synch from NetWare to a Netscape Directory server running on NT 4.0.
  • TID 10065392
    Reference this TID if you're running NetWare 5.1 and you get this error: DirXML Driver Subscriber <:\Novell_ESC\ESC\DUS\DriverSet\NDSToNDS -Mirror Structure\Subscriber> Submit Event failed. Err: -292.
  • TID 2960580
    Reference this TID if you want to run DirXML with NetWare 6.

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