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NDS DTD (Document Type Definition)

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Posted: 14 Nov 2003

To do an effective job using DirXML you need access to the documentation and the nds.dtd (Document Type Definition). There's been a lot of buzz on the forums lately about where to find the latest DTD, so here it is, just around the next corner.

You can find the full DirXML documentation at this URL:

Here's where to find definitions of the DTD's elements:

Here's a tip: DTDs, by nature, are not valid XML documents. Simply clicking on the "DTD" hyperlink on the documentation page will likely cause your browser to throw an error. A better solution (and more useful approach) is to right-click on the DTD link and fetch a copy of the DTD for saving to your hard drive. DTDs can be opened with any word processor or code editor.

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