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Configuration Tip: Remote Loader for Active Directory

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Posted: 25 Jun 2002

If you have a system running the Remote Loader AD (Active Directory) driver, this tip could be for you.

The Situation:
The configuration for the AD driver includes the hostname and port of the remote loader box which is running AD. In this scenario, the Remote Loader is running on a Domain Controller of the AD environment. Also, it includes information about encryption, where used, and the passwords set (application password, remote loader password and driver password).

The question that presents itself is about the username used by the driver to authenticate to AD. What if you want to authenticate with a user other than the Administrator? By default, the username (never specified in the driver configuration) is Administrator, and the Application password you set is for the Administrator account. How can this be changed?

The Solution:
The driver running at the AD Controller is using the local service account rights, which are equal to Administrator.

To change this to a named user account, simply use the name in the Authentication ID like this sample:

Authentication ID:
Authentication context: LDAP:// (LDAP must be uppercase!)

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