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Setting Up DirXML's Report Notification Service

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By Brent Thurgood

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Posted: 13 Mar 2003

The Problem

I'm setting up RNS (Report Notification Service) on DirXML 1.1a and am using the August AppNote for a guide.

I've identified the server to perform the log file operation, and am now attempting to configure the RNS. The step is to Modify the Server Object, which I've selected ... but in the Modify Object view I do not have a Reporting & Notification tab -- nor the view shown in Figure 2 of the AppNote.

BTW, Figure 2 shows an OU being modified.

Do I actually modify the SERVER object?
Have I missed a step?

The Solution

The AppNote was written prior to the ship date and didn't cover some required changes. To configure a server to use the Report and Notification Service follow these steps.

  1. Launch iManager and authenticate to the tree where you wish to set up the RNS.
  2. Select "eDirectory Maintenance Utilities" under the iManager Role and Task.
  3. Then select "Create Report and Notification Service Configuration". This should bring up the Report and Notification Service Configuration - Creator screen, a snapshot of this screen is below.
  4. Using the browser button next to Report and notification service server, select the eDirectory server you wish to configure.
  5. Using the browser button next to Report and notification service host, select the object that you wish to use as you RNS configuration object. The object can be any object in the tree except an NCP Server object.
  6. Leave the define additional properties box checked and select OK. This will bring up the Report and Notification Service Configuration screen which is shown in Figure 2 in the AppNote.

The RNS configuration data is stored on the Report and notification service host object not the NCP server object. To change the RNS configuration you would modify the host object and select the Report and Notification Service tab.

Additional information on setting up and configuring the RNS may also be found in the DirXML 1.1a admin guide under Tracking DirXML Status.

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