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Managing Aux Classes with iManager

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Posted: 19 May 2003

The Problem
With DirXML we are using AuxClasses quite often. We manage them with some advanced C1 Snapins.

But what happens using iManager? As far as I know it's not possible to manage AuxClasses and their attributes through iManager. Or did I miss something?

The Solution
Yes, you did miss something. You can manage AuxClasses using iManager. You will need to edit the .htt documents to make it work.

Just add the following to your .htt doc and manage the attr just like it was part of a base class. The only thing I have run into is that you have to add the Write right to the Object Class attibute.

<!-- Automatic Aux Class Extension -->
<INPUT type=hidden name="eDir$target$auxillaryClassExtension" value="WPOeTearUser,WPOapps">

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