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Installing the DirXML Lotus Notes Driver with Domino 6

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By Michel Bluteau

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Posted: 11 Sep 2003

Here is a cool trick I learned recently and thought it was worthy of sharing.

The driver configuration needs only some minor changes for it to work with Domino 6. I did some tests with Domino 6.01 running on Windows 2000, with the remote loader. Here are the modifications to the documented procedure, available from

  1. Use the DirXML Create new application driver wizard (Console One or iManager) to import the notesimport.xml template. Follow the instructions provided for Notes 5.x.

  2. Edit the driver parameters and change the mail file template mail50.ntf with mail6.ntf. the .nsf template mail50.ntf is not included with Domino 6. This is required for the mail file creation associated with a new Domino user.

  3. Don't forget the driver update. The most recent at the time this note was put together is:

  4. There is an error in the Subscriber Command Transformation Stylesheet. You need to replace the content for the stylesheet:

If you did not forget (or skip over) any of the steps from the online documentation, you should be good to go.

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