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Moving DirXML From a Failed Server

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Posted: 13 Nov 2003

The Problem

I want to move my DirXML Server to another server due to failure.

The Solution

  1. First install DirXML on the target server and make sure you put the have the same patches and drivers installed on both servers.

  2. Make sure you have all the same replicas on the new server. The biggest concern will be if move operations need to be detected. Read/Write Replicas do not always see a move event so plan on moving the Master replica to the new box if moves are not blocked.

  3. Now you can add the new Server to the Driver Set. You will also have to move the Driver Parameters from the old server to the new server (this is not replicated (per server attribute) so you will need an export of the driver or have the other server up to get the information)

  4. Before starting the driver it is important to note that the Event Cache (TAO file) on the other server can not be moved to this server due to entry-ids being unique per server. For that reason, when a driver is started, a sync will be issued could have adverse effects if your driver is not configured to handle the sync. The other choice is to place an Empty.TAO file on the server which is available upon request from engineering (per TID-10065041) before starting the server.

  5. Start the driver up and any new events will be processed. If you chose to do the empty.tao routine you will have lost all events that occurred since the previous server was downed (driver stopped) and this driver was started.

It is best to just get the server back up if all of these plans are not already documented as the Driver Parameters can easily be lost. This is the primary reason to have the eDir volume/drive/slice on a high availability server/drive configuration.

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