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Preventing Data Loss with VREPAIR

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Posted: 19 Apr 2001

If you're using the versions of VREPAIR.NLM and V_LONG.NLM that shipped with NetWare 5, there's a possibility of data loss on volumes after the first volume you repair (if you're repairing more than one volume).

To prevent this, you will need to useuse version 4.33 (09/04/98) or later of VREPAIR.NLM, and version 4.33 (09/04/98) or later of V_LONG.NLM (these files were shipped with NetWare 5 Support Pack 2 (NW5SP2) or later.

Another helpful tip is that you can clear the server's cache in between repairing each volume by restarting the server after repairing a volume and before moving on to repairing the next volume. In this scenario, you should also set the:

SET parameter Automatically Repair Bad Volumes to OFF.

You'll find it in the File System SET parameter category. This will prevent multiple volumes from being repaired automatically if you bring up the server and more than one volume doesn't mount. Setting this parameter isn't necessary if you're using the newer versions of VREPAIR.NLM and V_LONG.NLM as suggested earlier in this tip.

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