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Tool Finds Offsets for Advanced Generic EMU

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Posted: 23 Apr 2003

For Terminal Launcher to select the text on the screen without a Select All function, Terminal Launcher needs to use the mouse to click and drag the cursor over the entire emulator screen to select all the text.

For Terminal Launcher to do this correctly, it needs to be told how much space to allow for the toolbar (or other items) when it starts the drag. This is what the Output Offset is. It tells Terminal Launcher where to start the click and drag process.

The Output Offset is a set of two numbers, separated with a comma and no space. The numbers can be from zero up to tens of thousands. However, 10,000 is generally the highest number that is needed.

The offset is a complex algorithm based on XY coordinates and screen resolution. Many times system administrators are forced to guess and play with the application to get it to work correctly. The purpose of this tool is to eliminate this issue.

The main application window will display information on how to properly use this tool. Also by clicking on the help button, a bitmap explaining how to properly use the tool is provided.

Important note: The offsets for an Advanced Generic Emulator will be different for machines utilizing different screen resolutions. It is recommended that you create multiple emulator definitions for each screen resolution. The actual NSL script will remain the same but you will need to deliver unique tlaunch configurations for each screen resolution.

To get more information or to download this tool, click here

To check out the SecureLogin documentation about Configuring an Advanced Generic Emulator, click here

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