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What's New in SecureLogin 3.5?

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Posted: 16 Mar 2004

Here's a quick look at what's new in SecureLogin 3.5

  • Complete and Custom installation options for Novell eDirectory, LDAP, Active Directory, NT/2000/2003, and standalones
  • An automate.ini option, so that you can customize installations before distributing SecureLogin for installs
  • A redesigned user interface, which incorporates recommendations from customers
  • Increased support for moving User objects and for administratively resetting passwords
  • A non-Novell LDAP client that acts as a GINA, credential manager, and a network provider
  • Using NMASTM advanced authentication
  • Java* application support for Swing/AWT standard applications
  • Advanced Windows Scripting, to handle secondary logins
  • Support for one-time passwords

For more information on each of these features check the following:

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