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Posted: 16 Mar 2004

You can now get the SecureLogin ROI Tool in two flavors, the whole shebang; a downloadable file that accepts your company's data and runs a detailed analysis. Or, the "PreView"; a quick online-wizard that uses data collected from a sample of companies to show you sample ROI.

Get to both versions here:

A new Return On Investment tool for Novell SecureLogin (NSL) is now available. With customers wanting to be able to quantify their return before purchasing a product, the Novell Single Sign-on ROI tool will help to dramatically shorten the sales cycle and increase customer confidence.

NSL offers a quick and incredible return on investment by solving enterprises' password management problems. Determine the financial costs and benefits of deploying this directory-based One Net solution:

  • Significantly reduces password-related support costs
  • Simplifies the end user experience
  • Enhances network security
  • Accelerates user access to data and applications

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