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Configuring GroupWise to access NetMail

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Posted: 8 Oct 2002

NetMail includes a Web client accessible from any browser and requires no configuration but if you would like to use GroupWise to access NetMail, follow the instructions below:

To configure GroupWise to access your NetMail account using IMAP, do the following (POP configuration similar, simply substitute POP for all instances of IMAP):

  1. Start GroupWise.
    1. Select "Account Options" from the 'Accounts' menu.
    2. Click 'Add'.

  2. Enter your Account Name as you would like it displayed in GroupWise. Select IMAP as the Account Type then click 'Next'.

  3. In the Create Internet Account dialog, enter the following: (using myrealbox as an example)
    1. Enter '' as the Incoming mail server (IMAP)
    2. Specify your MyRealBox username as the 'Login name'
    3. Enter '' as the 'Outgoing mail server (SMTP)'
    4. Specify your MyRealBox E-mail address ( as the 'E-mail address'
    5. If you want an E-mail address other than the one specified in the step above to appear in the 'from;' field of all messages you send from your NetMail account, enter this address as the 'From name:'
    6. Click 'Next'.

  4. Select your connection type and click 'Next'. You may need to contact your Internet Service Provider for the correct connection type.

  5. Enter description and move your folder to desired location. Select 'Finish'.

  6. Close the Internet Accounts dialog.

You are now ready to use GroupWise with your NetMail account.

Other Client Configurations:

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