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Posted: 24 May 2000

So you don't feel stupid...

...when you call Support about a Client Problem

Next time you get ready to pick up the phone to call Support with a Novell client problem, run through this handy checklist and make sure you've got all your ducks in a row. The last thing you want to do is pay someone to tell you your problem was solved in the latest version of the client. This list comes directly from the nice folks in Customer Support, who would rather spend their time wrestling with Big Gnarly Problems than ripping you off for the easy stuff.

  1. What is your Operating System (Windows 95/98, or Windows NT)?

  2. Do you have the latest Service Packs OS patches from Microsoft? Refer to Microsoft's web site for the current service pack at

  3. Does the latest client resolve the problem? Refer to for the current client download.

  4. Do the latest client patches from Novell resolve the problem? Refer to the minimum patch list on the Support Connection.

  5. Does another Network Interface Card work? Try replacing the current network interface card with one from another manufacturer. It could possibly be a network driver problem.

  6. Does Microsoft's client for NetWare work? Remove Novell's client using UNC32.EXE and install Microsoft's client for NetWare. If the problem still exists then it is probably an operating system problem and not a Novell client issue.

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