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Template Sources for NIMS 3.03

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By Dave Latimer

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Posted: 26 Jun 2002

These template sources will only work with NIMS 3.03, do not try to use these sources with any other version of NIMS. These files are currently unsupported by Novell. A NIMS SDK in currently being worked on and should be released in the future. The only documentation available is located in the UNSUPP\Template\doc directory with NIMS 3.0. If you are upgrading earlier versions of template files see the NIMS 3.03 readme for changes.

Included in this zip file are the following:

  • Webaccess Template Sources version 3.03
  • Webmail Template Sources version 3.03
  • Myrealbox Public Template Sources version 3.03
  • NIMS Template Compilers for all platforms version 3.03

Download everything you need here:

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