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NetMail User Tips

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Russell Cohen

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Posted: 26 Jun 2002

Russell Cohen shares a few tips on how you can use some of the most useful and powerful features of NetMail.

Two things we take for granted as Users of NetMail (specifically MyRealBox):

  • The total absence of spam (provided you keep the default privacy settings).
  • The total absence of e-mail borne viruses.

Two of the most useful and powerful features of NetMail:

  • Proxies. Use proxies to go off and "fetch" your mail from all your POP and IMAP accounts. That means you only have to configure one account on your e-mail client.

  • Forwarding. Have incoming e-mail messages forwarded to your work e-mail address, for immediate response. If your job changes, you don't need to send a change of address to everyone.

If your organisation uses GroupWise, then standardise on a common e-mail client environment by using the GroupWise Client (Remote) as your NetMail (MyRealBox) interface at home.

See tips on how to:

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