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Ports Used by NetMail

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Posted: 3 Sep 2002

Before installing NetMail, check for duplicate port assignments on your server. If other programs on the server already use these ports, conflicts will occur.

The following table lists the default NetMail port assignments, their associated agents, and indicates whether the port assignment may be reconfigured.

Port Protocol Agent Configurable Port
25 SMTP SMTP Agent no
80 HTTP Modular Web Agent yes
81 HTTP WebAdmin uses port 81 for HTTP-based administration. yes
110 POP POP Agent no
143 IMAP IMAP Agent no
389 LDAP Address Book Agent yes
689 UDP   Connection Manager uses UDP port 689 to receive client IP addresses from the POP and IMAP Agents no
689 TCP NMAP NMAP Agent no
443 HTTPS Modular Web Agent yes
444 HTTPS WebAdmin yes
995 SSL over POP POP no
993 SSL over IMAP IMAP no
  TLS NetMail supports TLS on every protocol's native port.  

For more information see the NetMail 3.1 Administrator's Guide (pdf).

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