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Changing the Automatic Logout Timeout Limit

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Posted: 28 Feb 2003

Question: How do I change the default timeout in NetMail 3.1 to something higher than 6 minutes?

Answer: You can choose how long you remain logged into NetMail during a period of inactivity. After the specified time limit has passed, you are automatically logged out to maintain the security of your mailbox. Follow the instructions below to change the timeout settings:

WebAccess Template Instructions

To set an automatic logout time limit

  1. Click Options > General Settings.

  2. In the Timeout field under WebAccess Settings, enter your timeout interval in minutes (from 1 to 40).
  3. Click Save to save the changes.

Note: Some Mailbox Management options may not be provided on your system.

WebMail Template Instructions

  1. Click Preferences

  2. In the Timeout field under General Settings, enter your timeout interval.

  3. Click Apply to save your timeout settings.
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