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Stopping the Shared Folder Madness

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Posted: 4 Jun 1999

You probably know that transferring ownership of shared folders is well nigh impossible without kludgy workarounds. Well, here's how you can prevent the mess from happening in the first place: Don't have individuals share important folders from their personal mailboxes.

Here's what you do instead: Create a dummy mailbox and call it something descriptive, like "Folders" or something. Now give everyone Proxy rights to the new Mailbox. You see what we're getting at? Now, whenever you need someone to share a folder full of critical stuff, have them proxy into the Folders mailbox and create and share the folder from there. See, if the person who created and shared the critical folder ever dies (or just quits, or, you know, whatever), the folder lives on, as if nothing happened. And while that isn't reassuring if you were hoping somehow to be indispensable, imagine the relief of system administrators everywhere.

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