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Need Pause Codes When Faxing? Try This.

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Posted: 4 Jun 1999

Generous reader Eric Schrepel gets the kudos this week for sharing some hard won knowledge about getting pauses into fax numbers using FaxServe and GroupWise addressing rules. Why is this cool? Because GroupWise isn't all that great at doing this since GroupWise usually thinks of commas, the usual pause code tool, as your sign to end one address and start another. So, without further ado, here's Eric's cool solution:

Use Groupwise addressing rules on the domain to replace a substitute pause code (i.e. & or #) with a comma.

  1. From NWAdmin, choose Groupwise System Operations, Addressing Rules
  2. Create a new rule as follows:
    • Name: FaxServe Pause
    • Search string: fax:*@*&*
    • Replacement string: domainname.faxserve:%1@"%2,%3"
  3. Save the rule and close system operations window
  4. Right-click the domain, choose Details
  5. Under Addressing Rules, enable the new rule by clicking the checkbox
  6. If you're already in the Groupwise client, close and re-open it to have addressing rules take effect.

You may want to add another rule for a FaxServe alias to address numbers that do not have pause codes, as follows:

  • Search String: fax:*
  • Replacement String: gwcb.faxserve:%1

Be sure that the addressing rule for pause codes is listed before the alias rule (since Groupwise only applies a single rule to addresses, the pause rule needs to be the first one applied).

The syntax to use in the To: line of your Groupwise message would then be like one of the following:

  • For faxes needing a pause code: fax:recipient@5032290191&3627 (or wherever your code needs to be)

result: domain.faxserve:recipient@"5032290191,3627"

  • For faxes not needing a pause code: fax:recipient@5032290191

result: domain.faxserve:recipient@5032290191

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