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Print Message Headers. Or Not.

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Posted: 4 Jun 1999

In one week, we received questions from two users who each wanted what the other had.

Trisha T. wrote: Is there any way to remove the box at the top of the page when printing a message? The box contains your name, the subject of the message, and the page number.

while Sam G. wrote: When we printed a message in GroupWise 5.2, a single-line header with recipient name, subject line, and page number printed at the top of each page. Is this possible with GroupWise 5.5?

We've received quite a number of similar questions lately regarding headers, or banners, or whatever you want to call them. Our own GroupWise® Cool Solutions site provides a 5.2 workaround that requires editing the Windows Registry (yuck!) and clearly states that the process will be easier in 5.5. But hunt as we might, we couldn't find any option to turn the headers on and off. So we asked our development contacts. After our inquiry got forwarded several times, we finally struck gold and were directed to a whole new world of print settings we'd never used before.

To turn on or off the banner on printed messages,

  1. In your mailbox, right-click a message > View.

    This probably isn't what you're used to doing. You're probably used to double-clicking to open your messages, or perhaps you have the QuickViewer displayed. But this kind of viewing is different. It allows you to see on-screen the same thing you see when you print.

  2. In the viewer, right-click anywhere on the message > Print (Preview) Options to display this handy dialog box:

    Viewer Print Options dialog box

    Proper use of the Print Header check box can satisfy both Trisha and Sam. And look at all the other aspects of printing you can control from this dialog box, including changing fonts and margins. It even has a More button, which opens a dialog box with even more print options, just like its name implies:

    More Viewer Options dialog box

    Those of you who send spreadsheets, databases, bitmaps, or drawings might find just the specialty print feature you've been looking for.

If you've never visited these dialog boxes before, try them out. Fiddle with the settings. See if you can print your GroupWise messages and attachments just the way you want them.

There is a reason why these print settings are tucked away in such an obscure location. This viewer, used for viewing, printing, and displaying item properties in GroupWise, is provided by Inso Corporation. It's a separate module and consequently has separate settings that can only be accessed inside the viewer.

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