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Where Do Broken Messages Go?

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Posted: 4 Jun 1999

There's a popular song that tells us where broken hearts go, but where do broken (undeliverable) messages go?

If the senders and recipients are all within your GroupWise system, the situation is handled internally by the POA or the MTA. The Troubleshooting Guide provides additional insight in Strategies for Message Delivery Problems in Book 2: Solutions to Common Problems.

If some of the senders and recipients are scattered across the Internet, the GroupWise Internet Agent (GWIA) handles the situation. You can configure one aspect of undeliverable messages in NetWare Administrator:

  1. In the NetWare Administrator browser window, right-click the GWIA object.

  2. Click Details > Advanced Settings.

  3. Select the setting you want under Specify Handling of Undeliverable or Corrupt Messages.

    Move: Moves problem messages into the GWPROB directory. This is the default setting.

    Send: Sends problem messages to the Postmaster designated on the Gateway Administrator page.

    We're sure you can guess what the Both and Neither settings do.

If you prefer nitty-gritty startup files to NetWare Administrator, you can accomplish the same thing in the GWIA.CFG file using the /badmsg switch. Valid settings are -move, -send, -both, and -neither.

If you're really into startup switches, here are a couple more to play with:

  • /fut specifies what host to forward undeliverable messages to.
  • /mudas specifies how much (in kilobytes) of undeliverable messages to return to erring senders.

These and other GWIA startup switches are covered in Appendix B: Startup Switches in the Internet Agent Guide.

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