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Teach Spell Checker New Tricks

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Posted: 4 Jun 1999

Some say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Spell checkers have been around a long time as loyal, faithful companions to those of us who can't spell (or type) perfectly. To put it bluntly, they keep us from embarrassing ourselves. Sometimes, though, we wish our spell checker had some slightly different habits. If something is bugging you about the GroupWise spell checker, you may be able to change it. Here are some of our favorite adjustments:

  • To have GroupWise launch the spell checker automatically each time you send a message, click Tools > Options > double-click Environment > click Send > select Check Spell Checking Before Send. This is great for those of us who tend to remember we should spell check our messages after we've already clicked Send.

  • To get rid of a word you added to your spelling dictionary by accident, click Tools in a new message > Spell Check > Customize > User Word Lists. In the Word Lists Contents window, scroll down to the unwanted word > click it > click Delete Entry to zap it. Nobody wants misspelled words in their spelling dictionary.

  • To prevent the spell checker from thinking that words containing numbers are misspelled, click Tools in a new message > Spell Check > Customize > deselect Check Words with Numbers. If your messages frequently contain codes consisting of both letters and numbers, this can reduce the number of "words" you have to skip.

If you try any of these suggestions, you'll discover additional ways you can teach the spell checker new tricks (or maybe get rid of some tricks that are annoying you).

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