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Who Has Trash Duty?

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Posted: 4 Jun 1999

Teenagers and spouses all hate to be reminded that they have trash duty. They grumble and mutter, but usually they follow through and get the trash can out to the curb. But who has trash duty in GroupWise? And what if you notice that your Trash hasn't been emptied for a very long time?

Prior to GroupWise 5.5, the GroupWise client took out the trash. Every time you logged in or out of GroupWise (depending on your client platform), the faithful client would dump the trash. Well, not all your trash, of course. Just the really rotten, smelly stuff that was older than the limit under your client Cleanup options. This worked well as long as you logged in regularly and didn't generate a whole lot of trash. But under certain circumstances, you might have noticed a pause as the client worked to give the heave-ho to an extra-large amount of old, moldy stuff. Since users don't tend to enjoy unexpected pauses, trash duty got reassigned.

In GroupWise 5.5, the Post Office Agent (POA) now has trash duty. The POA is a lot stronger than the client. The POA is always running, whether anyone's using GroupWise or not. The POA was more gracious than most teenagers and spouses; it doesn't complain at all about being asked to take out the trash. You can even tell the POA exactly when you want the trash taken out, and it won't even give you a dirty look.

  1. In the NetWare® Administrator browser window, double-click the post office object > right-click the POA object > Details > scroll to the bottom of the agent settings list.

    POA Agent Settings page

  2. Make sure Perform User Upkeep is selected. If it isn't, nobody's taking out the trash.

  3. Set Start User Upkeep to the number of hours after midnight you want the POA to take out the trash. Pick a time that won't interfere with anything more important on your system.

Now sit back and enjoy that fact that you'll never have to haggle over who's going to take the trash out ever again. In GroupWise, at least...

We've heard rumors that occasionally after a GroupWise 5.2 to 5.5 update, nobody's taking out the trash. If that happens on your system, just nudge the POA as we've described above and you shouldn't have any more problems.

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